Deep ploughing FASHION & LIFESTYLE field

NCSTYLE is the first agency based in China to focus on the fashion and lifestyle, providing professional PR and communication services, and the first branding/marketing company with an international Press office.

We help brands build connections with consumers

With the changes in the consumer market, the concept of communication has also been updated. NCSTYLE has always been sensitive to market evolution, synchronizing the evolution of the company's service system, providing customers with "new services" that keep pace with the times. Our service mainly includes public relations communication, consulting and marketing. Leading-edge services are recommended to our customers through our sensitive market observations and operational experience in China and around the world. We turn creative ideas into actionable solutions and provide customers with “evolutionary” perspectives through solutions to open connections between customers and consumers through new ideology.

After more than ten years of marketing and promotion in China, our team provides a complete service for our customers in terms of building awareness and reputation through our rich industry experience and professional skills. Our customers are in the fashion and multi-dimensional lifestyle industries and are effectively linked to consumers and potential users through our services. Through effective industry and cross-industry integration, we connect brands, industry elites, IP, media, platforms and users to create multi-directional content that creates a more effective “linkage” between brands and users. ".

In addition to the professional operation of the consumer market in Greater China, our services also cover the overseas market and the operation of the International Fashion Week. We provide a full range of services for domestic and foreign customers during the fashion week, and at the same time build sales channels for brands to enter overseas markets. An international perspective and precise “communication” with the market characteristics of Greater China, creating effective event topics and market influence.