NCSPACE is a buyer based fashion lifestyle platform, and it is the biggest fashion lifestyle buyer’s store in a traditional alley in the city of Beijing. The store shows the founder, Nicole Chen’s spirit of pursuing dedicate design, quality, function and price as an experienced fashion buyer. Nicole always fights for showing consumers the best cost effective fashion lifestyle products with a unique attitude.

    Products should be the choice to improve your life experience, you must first understand the definition of life comfort.


    Project Cases

    Styling for Super Kindergarten

    Styling for an iQiyi owned variety show Super Kindergarten, Nicole Chen, Founder of NC SPACE was featured as Kids’ Art Mentor.

    Styling for Jeno Liu

    Styling for Jeno Liu’s new album.


    Photo of Nicole giving a lecture on how to dress up in an elegant way at the World Women Congress 2017.

    Popup Store at Art Exhibition

    Photo of NCSPACE popup store at an immersive art experience exhibition - Wavelength Shanghai 2018.

    Although we aim to let consumers spend their money, what we should let them know is how life is meant to be like that deserves your money.